Error free diagnosis

Inspection with an accuracy of 8 microns

When visiting a doctor, we want to receive the most reliable information about our own health. Lack of technical capacity or sufficient time to process the results is often compensated by clever medical phrases that are difficult to object. At the Clinic you will be assured of the absolute accuracy of the diagnosis and clarity of the wording: thanks to a complete functional analysis and the most advanced equipment for which there is no hidden data. Such a diagnosis is also very interesting, which is noted by almost all of our customers.

Perfect treatment

A treatment in which every step is clear.

Difficult becomes easy and understandable when you receive your individual treatment plan at the Clinic: with a clear sequence of manipulations, number of visits, planning time, understanding the logic of the appointment of each procedure. At this point, we have already discussed with you in detail the technology of the treatment process, the materials used and your individual recommendations.
Формирование вашей идеальной эстетики предваряет комплексная диагностика, лечение первопричин заболеваний и устранение их следствий. Полноценный функциональный подход и уникальное оборудование позволяет нам точно определить и расшифровать ваши индивидуальные параметры. Сопоставив все полученные данные с геометрическими расчетами телерентгенограммы черепа, мы с точностью до микрон определяем нарушения функции артикуляции, жевания, речи, глотания, наличие сопутствующих проблем со здоровьем.   В результате многоходовой, персонализированной диагностики мы моделируем идеальное положение структур вашей зубочелюстной системы и получаем точные данные о вашем стоматологическом и междисциплинарном здоровье.   «Я словно узнаю себя заново!» — вот что мы обычно слышим по завершении глубокого функционального анализа.

В России с любовью. И выгодой.

Мы уверены: здоровье и красота важнее расстояний, а проходить лечение у сертифицированных европейских стоматологов, не покидая страну — редкая и ценная возможность. Поддерживая эту философию, мы полностью организовываем ваше путешествие и предлагаем вам специальный логистический пакет. В него включено:
  • Бронирование и покупка авиабилетов
  • Бронирование отеля с персональными скидками
  • Встреча в аэропорту и трансфер аэропорт-клиника-отель-аэропорт при однодневном пребывании
  • Встреча в отеле и поездка в клинику при каждом визите в случае длительного приезда
  • Планирование посещений с учётом вашего личного графика и индивидуального плана лечения
  • Услуги персонального менеджера, ответственного за решение любых вопросов по лечению
  Все трансферы клиентов мы совершаем на автомобилях класса люкс. Для проведения полноценного досуга в городе мы дарим вам карту месячного обслуживания консьерж-сервиса европейского уровня Sochi Club. Его сотрудники смогут реализовать практически любые ваши планы и желания. В зависимости от сезона и других факторов, лечение в Клинике примерно на 30% выгоднее по сравнению с лечением в клиниках топ-уровня в Европе, врачи которых сотрудничают с теми же зубными техниками и профильными специалистами. Сопоставимое по стоимости лечение в крупных российских городах в основном уступает по комплексу и качеству мероприятий, в том числе диагностических. Следуйте за вашей будущей улыбкой. Мы сумеем вас впечатлить.

Personal aesthetics

When not only shape or color is important

Only a Carroll Cheshire cat smile could live beautifully separately, hanging in the air. Your unique smile should be perfectly combined with the natural features of your face. We will create it on the basis of dozens of parameters: the structure of the teeth-toothed space, the shape of the lips, the horizons of the gums, the specifics of the transitions between the teeth, length, texture, 3D-shape of the teeth, and much that expresses your personality.

Formation of personal aesthetics in the Clinic is the final result of the work. Usually, it is preceded by even the minimum functional treatment.

Aesthetic implantation

Caring for gums and tissues

It is no secret: in the process of implantation, the tissues around the tooth are deformed. The aesthetic implantation technology developed at the Clinic minimizes injuries to the gums and bone tissues, while at the same time improving the appearance of the “working” tissue space.

This unique implantation technology allows you to preserve the aesthetics of the natural contours of the gums, determine the only true form of the future implant crown and create the beauty of its visual similarity to the natural tooth. When implanted in the smile zone, it is the combination of the postoperative gum parameters with the individual proportions of the restorations acquires exceptional aesthetic value.

Genetic test

Для очень важных персон

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Snoring and sleep apnea treatment

22 minutes 30 seconds is a world record for breath holding. It belongs to the Croatian athlete, freediving legend Goran Kolak, and the competitive discipline is called “Static apnea.” Opposite to him, sleep apnea or multiple breath holding in a dream is a serious disease that provokes jumps in blood pressure and increases the likelihood of a hypertensive crisis. The most obvious symptom of sleep apnea is snoring, as well as a “broken” condition in the morning and constant sleepiness during the day.

Sleep apnea is characterized by cessation of pulmonary ventilation for more than 10 seconds. In severe cases, respiratory arrest can last up to two or even three minutes, taking up to 60% of the total time during sleep. According to the research of sleep specialists, sleep specialists, there are only two working methods of treating sleep apnea: CPAP therapy (a special breathing mask for the whole sleep) and therapeutic mouthguards, developed exclusively on individual characteristics.

We make such caps for patients with frequent and prolonged snoring who do not want to sleep in a mask and set records for breath-holding. In 9 cases out of 10 there is a significant improvement in the quality of sleep.

Find out more about this and other customized solutions of the Clinic in the field of interdisciplinary dentistry. Leave your number and we will contact you shortly.

Treatment of snoring and sleep apnea in Sochi.
Dentistry. Sleep. Medicine.
Somnology in Sochi, exclusively in the studio Levchenko.

The clinic consultations and treatment of mild, moderate severity of apnea and severe intolerance to CPAP therapy. It is important that the treatment of apnea and the use of mouthguards held by a physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of joint and muscle dysfunction. Should be carried out and aksiografiya kondilografiya to detect violations and disorders in the joint to Your kappa benefited for your health. In our studio in the Krasnodar region we possess unique knowledge and skills, as well as high-tech equipment for the treatment of joints, muscles, sleep apnea, together with a sleep physician.

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Sleep apnea – a condition in which there is a cessation of breathing during sleep from 10 to 30 seconds. In severe stages of sleep apnea may take more than 60% of sleep time. Begins apnea syndrome, daytime sleepiness occurs, impaired memory, fatigue, abnormal function.
Sometimes obstructive and central sleep apnea and mixed forms.

How is it going?

During sleep, because of the increase in muscle tone and language shlotki compression airway occurs. For more than 10 seconds the brain undergoes a state of hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Through seconds as Awakening, which is accompanied by snoring, more powerful, with a series of breaths. Such a state is of course greatly affects the deterioration of the health of not only the suffering, but also a partner.

What should I do?

Sign up for a consultation with a specialist and pass examination. Determine the stage of the disease can pick up a special mouthguard for the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring, which is made individually to order. In severe stages, will be invited to a special treatment of a doctor – a sleep.
There are contraindications, as well associated with joint and muscle parafunktsiey. In our studio we perform a complete diagnosis and treatment of joint and muscle problems.


Kappa – Tires have a Russian certificate, made in Germany by individual dental impression and have a factory warranty of 2 years.
The company is a recognized world leader in this segment. The tires were tested and tested in numerous clinical studies and recommended with a high degree of evidence for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) (S3-Leitlinie Nicht-erholsamer Schlaf, SOMNOLOGIE 13, Suppl.1, Nov. 2009). These tires have 24 patents, they are made individually for each patient comfortable, allow you to open your mouth to speak, drink while wearing. They give EQUALLY results for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome as CPAP, as well as preferred intolerance CPAP.

Will my treatment?

96% of patients with proven OSA stated that they would like to continue to use the bus.
91% of patients reported a significant improvement in sleep quality during use.
87.5% of respondents reported that they use every night.